New Greenhouse 2007

Frame Our friend built this greenhouse frame out of sucker rod, heavy pipe and lumber. It's 16' long, 11' wide, and 9' tall.
The "base" is simply fir bark mulch.
Glue, etc. I used "Liquid Nails" adhesive in a caulking gun to apply strips of sill gasket. It held fast while the heavy greenhouse plastic was pulled over the hoops.
Frame with padding This is how it looked with the strips applied to the hoops and corners (to protect the plastic from rough surfaces). Kelly the cat supervised the whole operation (upper right in the picture).
Woven Poly For Greenhouse This is the tidy roll of woven greenhouse poly. It was shipped promptly to me by the good folks at Northern Greenhouse Sales .
Plastic Draped I draped the heavy covering over the frame without assistance but I'd recommend asking for help.
Front Gathered I "sewed" a running stitch along the doorway edges to gather the poly more neatly, using a long needle and strong cord.
I cut the excess material away at this point.
Front Gathered Detail of header (over doorway).
Perennials I couldn't WAIT to start filling the greenhouse!
Perennials More perennials...
Perennials ... and more.
Greenhouse Trying to make this look like a Garden Centre. The net you see is what I fashioned from a fishing net... to capture and liberate the occasional hummingbird caught in the greenhouse.
Greenhouse The Back window and the "gathering" of the material isn't as neatly done as the front.
Greenhouse The greenhouse is put to bed.